Verbal messages that indicate flexibility and freedom – “Take as much time as you need and do it in whatever manner you think is best” – can have an underlying message of “Do it fast and do it right”.
I nearly choked laughing at this. It’s unnervingly true and also, I suspect, not remotely surprising for anyone who knows me at all. But at least now you all know what I mean when I’m trying to sound nice.

KROQ then and now. Or now and then. You know what to do.

In encouraging among her followers the belief that she enjoyed a monopoly on reason and the rational, she created for herself a very special kind of power, the power to fling anyone who disagreed with her about anything into the abyss of “the irrational” – and that was a place we were all naturally eager to avoid.

Sounds familiar.


Marla likes Tyler.
“No, I like you,” Marla shouts. “I know the difference.”
And nothing.
Nothing explodes.

I predict a riot.

No one’s immune.(Image: schuh)

No one’s immune.
(Image: schuh)

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
That’s as good a reason as any.